Quantities available for this product:

  • 0.25OHM DTL MESH : 27
  • 0.5OHM MTL REGULAR : 0

These authentic Lost Vape Orion Plus Coils for the orion plus pod kit come in a 5-pack, feature organic cotton wicking, and sport a combination pop-in and threaded installation design to balance ease of use and leak prevention. 


The 0.25 ohm Orion Mesh coils feature a honeycombed mesh design, enabling the coil to heat instantly and evenly, and are optimized for use with standard eliquid. 


The 0.5 ohm Orion Regular coils feature a single standard coil construction that is optimized for vaping with nicotine salts, but can also be used with standard eliquid.


Lost Vape Orion Plus Coils Specifications:


Orion Plus Mesh Coils:


0.25 ohm resistance Single Mesh Coil

Maximum Wattage: 13W to 22W

Recommended for Direct-to-Lung (DTL) Vaping, Standard Eliquids


Orion Plus Regular Coils:


0.5 ohm resistance Regular Coil

Maximum Wattage: 10W to 18W

Recommended for Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) Vaping, Standard Eliquids or Nicotine Salt Eliquids

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