Quantities available for this product:

  • 0.15OHM : 0
  • 0.5OHM : 15

Aspire™ Nepho Replacement Coils / Atomizer Heads (3 Pack) 

In a valiant push forward, Aspire continues beefing up its stockpile of vapor products, creating some of the industry’s most favored hardware. From its high performance devices to even the smallest accessories, every piece of hardware embedded into its hefty arsenal is designed to produce a phenomenal vaping experience. While the manufacturing brand may be know greatly for its ability to produce innovative devices, it’s also gained a solid track record for its tanks and coil options, such as the Aspire Nepho Replacement Coils.

The Aspire Nepho Tank has been designed to house the Aspire Nepho Coil family, which consists of the Nepho 0.5-ohm Kanthal Coil and the Nepho 0.15-ohm Mesh Coil. The Nepho Kanthal Coil offers multiple wicking slots, it utilizes organic cotton, o-rings to deliver a solid seal, and has a range of 65W-75W. The 0.15-ohm Mesh Coil also offers multiple wicking slots, utilizes organic cotton, o-rings, and has a range of 60W-70W. What’s fascinating about the Nepho Replacement Coils is the open airflow to enhance the vapor production, and a combination of the coil configuration and organic cotton to deliver the best, most purest flavor experience.

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