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Slik by Alur Replacement Carts

If you own the Slik device by Alur you are going to know just how incredibly amazing it is! The ultimate in compact, travel friendly reliability that will get you through your entire day with its 400mAh battery, high quality construction and features that offer the very best in dependable reliability as well as sleek, attractive style! This two pack of replacement pods is going to be a must have for anyone who owns the Slik mod and can't get enough of all the different flavors out there. You know what they say, variety really is the zest of life! Having two refillable pods such as these will give you all of the options that you could ever dream of, whether you're someone who has been vaping for a long time and gathered together loads of different juices over time or your someone who is new to vaping and likes to mix and match with their friends, the ability to use whatever juice you please is amazing! There are so many different fantastic blends out there that it would be a travesty not to branch out and taste new and exciting options that will help to expand your palate and give you a sense of amazement at just how many well made, delicious tasting blends are out there on the market. These two pods each have a 2ml capacity, which is a fair amount of room and are so easy and convenient to install that you'll never have to deal with pouring your juices into a tank again! A great value that will help you to make the very most of your favorite mod, these replacement pods are really worth their weight in gold.

Product Features

  • 2ml Capacity

Package Contains

  • 2 x Slik Mod Replacement Pods

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