June 18, 2014


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Kangertech is at it again.  Not looking to give up their stronghold on the starter kit market, they are set to release the Emow starter kit, and the Emow Mega starter kit.  Let's take a look...


What's in the box?

1- Emow (1.8ml) or Emow Mega (Aerotank V2 2.5ml)

1- Variable Voltage Battery (1300mah on standard emow, and 1500mah on emow mega)

5- Updated dual coil replacement coils 1.5ohm

1- white 510 usb charger cable

1- wall plug


The regular size emow, or Mow as it is called on the box that is just the clearomizer, is a newly designed clearomizer that draws on several past designs.  It is a pyrex glass tank that holds 1.8ml, and has a evod-like stainless steel wrap with windows just like the evod.  The tanks also come standard with the newly designed, new design air control valve.  Yes, I said new design twice.  The latest aerotank mini and mega and a 'new design' valve that had a long hole that gradually opened as you turned the valve.  The newest design on these tanks has 5 individual holes that will tighten or loosen the draw as you open and close the valve.  I like both designs and think they both work fine.  The batteries are variable voltage, but not like the normal twist batteries.  You can turn the voltage up or down with three clicks of the button that will cycle through the three different voltage settings available.  These settings are visible by the color of led light that flashes on the battery button.  These kits, to my knowledge, will come in 5 different colors, while the individual tanks themselves have 12 colors listed on the packaging.  All in all, they are about the same length as a standard evod with 650mah battery attached.  They are great for on-the-go vape options as they are compact, versatile and hold a decent amount of liquid.  It is my favorite of the two for sure.


The Emow Mega is essentially the same as the regular emow described above, with several differences.  The battery is the same in function, but is a 1500mah as opposed to 1300mah.  The tank is a Aerotank V2 as opposed to the newly designed Mow tank.  The battery is the same diameter as the aerotank so slightly larger than the Emow kit.  Everything else in the package is similar to the emow.  


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