May 28, 2014


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New Kangertech Dual Coils Aerotank Mini and Aerotank Mega

Kanvape is proud to offer our Vaping customers the newest from Kangertech; Aerotank Mega, Aerotank Mini, and Upgraded Dual Coils.  Kangertech is always on the forefront of technology when it comes to e-cigs and vaporizers and their newest offerings are no different.  


The Aerotank Mega is the largest clearomizer in the Kangertech lineup to date.  It offers a large nicotine e-liquid capacity at 3.8ml.  The kit includes your option of a stainless steel tank, or a glass tank.  The glass tank is made of a very thick pyrex that is sure to be of the highest quality.  This kit also includes 2 1.5ohm resistance dual coils and a beauty ring, all in a newly designed kangertech package.  The new package for both the aerotank mega and the aerotank mini comes in a factory box much like their previous protank 2, protank 3, and aerotank options, but has a window that allows the customer to see the tank before opening.  THe new packaging also includes a holographic kangertech logo on the plastic tear off section of the sealed plastic.  Kangertech also has included a new sticker with the kangertech logo that disappears when wet.  This is on top of the scratch off serial # that allows the customer further assurance they are not buying a knock-off.  


Like the Kangertech Aerotank Mega, the Aerotank Mini also comes with stainless steel as well as a pyrex glass tank options.  The mini comes with a 1.3ml capacity and is the same diameter as most ego and evod style batteries.  The kangertech aerotank mini also comes with 2 1.5ohm upgraded dual coils in the package.  The package is the same as the Aerotank Mega with all the new security features to protect their product.  


Both the Aerotank Mega and the Aerotank Mini have kangertech's updated Air Control Valve.  This new valve has a much smoother operation than the old one, and unlike the old one, does not have the tendency to get stuck if turned too far.  So far, the new valve has been a hit with the customers that have left feedback.  


The new and improved Kangertech Dual coils have also been received well by vaping enthusiasts.  Kangertech eliminated most of the plastic above the wick, and enclosed the wick in stainless steel with weep holes to allow the liquid to access the wick.  These replacement coils have been reported to last longer than the old dual coils, and will work on all Kangertech dual coil products including the protank 3, mini protank 3, evod 2, evod glass, and aerotank.  Likewise, the old kanger dual coils can be used on the new Aerotank mega and mini.  


UP NEXT:  Kangertech Emus, Kangertech Emow, Kangertech Emow Mega, Vision Spinner 2

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