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The Youde Goliath V2 RTA is a new atomizer from the makers of the Goblin Mini. This RTA that doubles as a clearomizer will come with an RBA base. The window is made from Pyrex glass, while the atomizer itself is machined from stainless steel.

With more than 5ml of juice capacity, you can rest assured knowing that the next fill up is not due for a while. The new coils that are being designed by UD for this atomizer have organic cotton wick, and are considerably larger than other available coils on the market. The coil heads will be available in Nickel (0.12Ω ), & Kanthal (0.2Ω, & 0.5Ω).

These heads are unique in that they are easily rebuildable. There is a ceramic scaffold through which the wick is led, on the coil head. For those that prefer to rebuild their own coils, this tank is a great investment. Those vapers that prefer not to rebuild their own coils have the advantage of getting a RTA experience without the time and hassle of building the deck out yourself.

When vaping on the Goliath V2 all day, you will notice that it tends to stay relatively cool when compared to other sub ohm tanks. The engineering on this atomizer allows effortless heat dissipation.

This tank allows for single or dual coil builds, with the help of an airflow blocker, which is included in the kit. This tank will come with a lot of spare parts. Inside the box you will find two of the new ROCC coil heads, an RBA base and a replacement Pyrex tank section. This rebuildable also includes red and blue o-rings. Imported.

Goliath V2 RTA Features Include:

  • Built by Youde
  • 22mm diameter
  • 5.1ml juice capacity
  • Comes with drip tip
  • Single or dual coil configuration
  • Accommodates new Youde ROCC heads
    • 0.15OHM NI200 TEMP CONTROL
    • 0.2OHM KANTHAL
    • 0.5OHM KANTHAL
  • RBA base included
  • Pyrex tank
  • You can switch out the o-rings for a unique look!
  • 49mm height

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