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Product Description

Overview Kanger EVOD 2 Starter Kit

The all-new EVOD 2 Starter Kit is the latest BDC (bottom-dual-coil) e-cig starter kit from Kanger. One of Kanger's greatest qualities is their relentless pursuit to stay ahead of the game by continuously creating new products. The dual-coil design doubles the amount of vapor production over a traditional single-coil clearomizer, such as the original evod. The Kanger EVOD 2 is designed with a removable drip tip, allowing you to replace the metal stock one with virtually any 510 drip tip. The ability to replace the drip tip is beneficial is a couple ways. First, it allows you to customize the look of your clearomizer. You can select from a variety available COLORS. Also, some people don’t like the feel of the metal drip tips, so this allows you to use a plastic drip tip instead. Not only can you replace the drip tip of the Kanger EVOD 2, you can disassemble the entire device. This allows for extremely easy cleaning and maintenance. The EVOD 2 features replaceable atomizer heads and has a e-juice capacity of about 1.6ml. With an upgraded bottom dual coil system and the removable drip tip; the benefits of getting the new EVOD 2 looks to outweigh staying with the old EVOD. The coils last longer, provide a better flavor and produce more vapor!

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BDC (Bottom Dual Coil) Setup with 2.0 ohms
New Coil Head Design which Enclose the Wicks in a Metal Casing
EVOD Battery will fit both e-Go and 510 Threaded Devices

Package Contents

      2x Evod Batteries-650mAh

      2x Evod 2 Clearomizers

      1x USB Charger

      1x Charger Wall Adapter

    5x Replacement Coils

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